May Update from Our Eastern Division

As planting season progresses, we wanted to share another update from our Eastern Division team. Listen to Beth Dickey discuss the various BigYield product offerings for corn and soybeans and the different results that their growers have seen. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Beth Dickey with BigYield at our east coast distribution center, and I’m here today talk to you a little about our BigYield products. As you can see here on the research farm, our corn is underway. It was planted about two weeks ago, and with it being planting season I want to touch base on corn and beans. The first thing we would recommend is our BigYield Coat Corn +Zn and our BigYield Coat Soy, and what that is going to do is give you that fast emergence. You’ll hear over and over testimonies that it will give you a faster shoot up to 3-5 days. It’s going to help germination by putting those micronutrients right there on the seed, and then also that extra coating is going to protect that seed from any pathogens and disease and not optimal planting and weather. It just gives it that extra protection. It also replaces your graphite and talc in your hopper, so that’s awesome and that’s savings for you right there.

The other thing I wanted to talk to you about is our Big Sweet Yield, which is our cold processed sweetener. Our farmers will tell you that if they’re crossing the field it’s in the tank, so it’s an excellent carbon source, it will feed them microbial in your soil which will help your your soil profile. It will give that plant vitality and goes one in one. If it’s not a staple on our farm, it should be. It will give you the best burn down you’ve ever seen. One pound of the Big Sweet Yield with your round up will be awesome. Also, our Yield Booster is a 1296, it’s got all the vital micronutrients, it has Moly-B, manganese, cobalt, boron, copper, and zinc, and so it really helps drive everything up through that cell wall of that plant. We’ve mixed these two together and we’ve made them to synergize and that’s what we like to do, we use them separately and our famers do it all the time but mixing them together they called it liquid gold. Again, that’s the Yield Booster and the Big Sweet Yield mixed together are phenomenal. For corn, you’ll want it applied anywhere from a foot to knee tall. On beans you’ll want to hit it with these products at 4-6 inches tall, when you’re getting to cross, and then go across again at bloom with those beans. It is going to give i everything it needs to give it that pod size and those nice sized beans that you want. It will also help with your nitrogen fixation so that your pod is not aborting.

These are really really awesome products, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. I’m Beth Dickey and my number is 757-714-1447 and we would love to talk to you. Thank you and ave a great day.

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