Micronutrient Fertilizer Consistently Boosts Soybean Yields

Micronutrients. Plants may need them in more minute supplies than they need N-P-K. However, without the right micronutrient levels, crop yields can suffer.

In 2016, we at BigYield.us strongly emphasized the importance of micronutrients. Our Yield Booster product blends a 12-9-6 fertilizer with seven micronutrients: boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, sodium molybdate and zinc. Each micronutrient has a unique role in supporting plant or soil health.

Based on our multiyear yield trial results, Yield Booster applications have consistently increased soybean yields. We conducted the tests at The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo., from 2014 to 2016. After applying Yield Booster at 1 quart per acre during V3, test soybean yields during those years increased by 2 bushels per acre at the minimum and 8 bushels per acre at the maximum. Assuming $9.90 price per bushel for soybeans, returns totaled $16.67 per acre and $76.07 per acre, respectively.

Yield Booster Data 1

Yield Booster also pairs well with BigSweetYield, which is our glucose-based, cold-processed sweetener that can provide an energy boost to plants. When combining both products in a single application, the test soybean yield improvement was 5 bushels per acre at the minimum and 12 bushels per acre at the maximum. At V3, 1 quart of Yield Booster and 1 pound of BigSweetYield were applied. Again, assuming that soybean prices are $9.90 per bushel, the return on investment would total $43.47 per acre and $112.77 per acre, respectively.

Yield Booster Data 2

Yield Booster also has the potential to increase corn and wheat yields. To get specific application recommendations, check our Yield Booster page online. For more information about using Yield Booster in 2017, see this video that features Kent Kauffman of BigYield.us.

If you have more questions about Yield Booster, then please contact us anytime.

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