Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Supports Farmers During The 2014 Harvest – BigYield.us Says Thank You

Governor Jay NixonThe team at BigYield.us has been working closely with Jay Nixon’s office for the last several years to bring about positive changes and reforms for farmers throughout Missouri. We have had numerous meaningful conversations with the Governor to that end. We are please to see that he has implemented this impactful change for growers during the 2014 harvest. This is a great gesture coming from our top Missouri Official and we are grateful for his efforts.

With heavy rains affecting farmers’ ability to harvest their crops in many areas of the state, Gov. Jay Nixon today announced that the Missouri Department of Transportation has agreed to allow heavier than normal truck loads of farm commodities on Missouri highways. The Governor made the announcement during a visit to BioZyme Inc., an animal nutrition company in St. Joseph. While the waiver is in effect, farmers, private and for-hire motor carriers may carry up to 10 percent more than their licensed weight on Missouri highways.

“Many farmers are seeing record harvests this year, but heavy rains over the past few weeks are making it harder for them to get these valuable crops out of the fields,” said Gov. Nixon. “With the prime harvest season under way, this emergency waiver will provide timely and much-needed relief to farmers affected by these conditions.  Without action to help them harvest more quickly, many Missouri farmers faced the possibility of real financial hardship – despite producing strong yields of corn, soybeans and other crops.  I thank the Missouri Department of Agriculture and MoDOT for working together to support Missouri farmers and keep this vital sector of our economy moving forward.”

The waiver will remain in effect for the next 60 days. While the waiver is in effect, participating motor carriers are limited to:

A loaded, gross weight no greater than ten percent (10%) above the gross licensed weight of the commercial motor vehicle;

Transport of commodities from the farm to another facility, transportation between facilities and empty return trips on non-interstate highways within the State of Missouri.

When crossing a bridge, the driver must restrict the vehicle speed to no more than thirty miles per hour (30 mph) and must center the truck between two lanes of the bridge. The truck driver must yield to oncoming traffic.

“Agriculture is the backbone of Missouri’s economy,” said Gov. Nixon. “Today’s action once again demonstrates our commitment to supporting our farm families as they continue to feed, fuel and clothe the world.”

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