Friday, September 22nd 2023

Organic Production Recap for 2020

To follow up on Shane Hall’s agronomic recap from last week, we wanted to take a look at how the organic side of agriculture went this year. Listen to David Yoder discuss the 2020 growing season from an organic perspective.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody this is David Yoder, I’m coming to you here from just outside of Garden City today with Today we’re standing in front of some organic beans, just kind of recapping our 2020 organic growing season. We started off good this year, we had some good dry weather to get good dry mulch on top. We had really good weed control, we had some later rains that kind of messed up a little bit on some of our weed control, but other than that we did have some good timing and some good rain when we needed it. We had some good heat on the corn this year and filled it out really really well. All in all it was a fairly good organic year and you can kind of see behind me there are some good clean organic beans, prices are starting to inch up a little bit. We’ll kind of see where that goes as we get into harvest here, but all in all it was a really good year, we did a lot of rotary hoeing, a lot of cultivating and then we also ran our burners and we’ve got weed wipers now that’s something we got a little too late in the year to do what we wanted to do with them.

We did do a little research on those, we’re seeing some really good results from that, and we’re really excited about that, to have that tool in our toolbox for next year. One of the better things that really happened to us this year, we had some ground that we took out of sod, that went surprisingly well, we were a little bit worry about that, last fall we didn’t get it taken out of the sod as soon as we’d liked, we did a lot of that this spring, and that turned out really surprisingly well, so we kind of figured out how to do that with some different equipment, like a phoenix arrow and things like that work really well for what we did there.

One thing that we’re really fighting is our shatter cane, like I mentioned earlier our weed wipers I think they’ll play a big part in that because that shatter cane just keeps coming it seems like. So that’s one thing we really fought this year, Hopefully next year with our weed wipers we’ll be able to take care of that a lot easier. If you guys want to look at anything, go to, everything is on the website and you can get a hold of us there. We do have dry seed treatments going in the planter box, we used those this year and we got some really good results. We’re running out liquid chicken litter In-Furrow and foliar, that worked really good and then of course as always our BigSweetYield, it really shines every year.

So that’s kind of the rundown of what we did and we had a really good successful year and get a hold of us on and again my name is David Yoder and I’d love to talk to you.

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