Our Commitment

John Ortiz, General Manager
John Ortiz
General Manager

Our staff comes together every Monday and we sit around our conference table and we talk. As you can imagine, we talk about our commitments to our business and how to improve everything about what we do. But we also talk about our many other commitments in our lives. It’s important that you know what those commitments are. They are commitments to Family, Friends, God, Our Work, and You… Our Customers, Friends, and Associates that we labor so hard for in order to improve your lives through our agricultural experiences. Here at Big Yield, we are committed to You!

With all of that in mind, here are some of the high level commitments that each member of our team embraces and strives for each day:

Improve Agriculture

Increase Yields

Increase Efficiency

Reduce Environmental Impact

Improve Lives

Make YOU More Money

Save You Time

Show You Respect and Honesty

Contact us today and tell us about your farm operation. We have a wealth of experience on our team, and we are confident that there isn’t any circumstance that we can’t fix or improve in order to achieve a Big Yield.