Friday, September 22nd 2023

Planning for Pest Management

Use BigBioYieldTM Crop Biologicals to Minimize Pest-Related Damages

Planning for Pest ManagementCrop biologicals create a growing environment that can maximize yields and enable growers to efficiently use inputs. They protect crops from diseases; unlock nutrients bound to the soil; and promote a healthy, strong root system. Producers can also benefit from using biologicals as a component of their pest management plans. In two ways, BigBioYieldTM applications can assist producers with pest control.

1) BigBioYieldTM with added cold-processed sweetener deters pests. When combined with a cold-processed sweetener, the BigBioYieldTM biological acts as a natural pesticide. Most pests can’t digest the sweetener. Consequently, insects won’t live if they ingest the sweetener, or they will avoid consuming the sweetener and not attack the plant. To effectively manage pests, some producers who have used the BigBioYieldTM biological and cold-pressed sweetener noted that they could reduce their total pesticide application. In some circumstances, farmers have reported that applying the biological and sweetener reduced their need for conventional pesticides. The sweetener also provides an additional energy boost for the plant.

2) By encouraging plant health, BigBioYieldTM improves plant response to pest pressure. Healthy plants are better positioned to leverage their defensive capabilities when they’re threatened by pests. The BigBioYieldTM polymicrobial blend facilitates the plant developing thick cell walls, which provide a strong barrier that pests can’t as capably target and damage. Therefore, a healthy plant can better manage pest-related stresses.

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