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BP FA is available in 275 gallon totes

BP FA is made up of multiple beneficial bacteria that can be impregnated directly onto dry fertilizer. It has proven to increase yields, solubilize tied up phosphorus and help create a more even fertilizer spread.

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Key Benefits

  • Solubizes tied up phosphorus
  • A more even spread with dust control
  • Protects plants against numerous soil borne diseases
  • Increases plant vigor and promotes early plant development
  • Boosts yield performance by improving plant health
  • Reduces need for follow up foliar fungicide applications
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for beneficial insects
  • Promotes feeder root development resulting in enhanced nutrient uptake

Growers like you are seeing healthy yield increases by applying BP FA to their dry fertilizer.

Soybean Data

Recommended Application

BP FA is specially formulated to be impregnated to your dry fertilizer. We recommend applying at a rate of 1 pint per acre.

What BigYield.us Customers are Saying

After using this product for a couple years, I haven’t really had to push it anymore. It sells itself. Farmers are loving what they are seeing with the BP FA product. They love the even spread that this product consistently contributes to.

As an applicator, this product is a big help for me. It picks up the smaller fines and attaches them to the larger fertilizer particles, making my applications have
– Ben Snook, Western Missouri Regional Fertilizer Manager, Neco Seed Farms, Garden City, MO

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