Recommended Soybean Program for 2019

To continue our 2019 recommendations series, we wanted to discuss our soybean program for this year. Watch the video to hear John Ortiz discuss herbicide programs and BigYield product recommendations. If you have any questions, you contact us at anytime.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, John Ortiz with Today we are going to be discussing our soybean program – what our recommendations are and what some of our guys are doing. We’re going to give you a little bit of herbicide recommendation as well.

At planting, we like to start with our BigYieldCoat Soy. This is our dry planter-box seed treatment. We follow that with an in-furrow application. We have guys running one to three gallons on a totally tubular system, and the guys that are set up with FurrowJet Cruisers are going anywhere from 5 to 10 gallons of our BP In-Furrow in the row.

After that, our herbicide program is one we highly recommend and that we had great sucess with last year. It’s the Authority MTZ proudcts, mixed with Metoolachor – or Dual – for your grass control. Your Authority will cover your water hemps, broadleafs, and things of that nature. That’s one good program that people have been using. Some guys have been using the Valors, Ziduas, or Zidua Pros and things of that nature. So that is what we are recommending people to use for a herbicide.

After we have planted with our in-furrow and dry planter-box seed treatment, we’re going to come back and incorporate our BigSweetYield with your very first application of herbicide. Usually that is V3 to V5, or 21 days after planting. After that, if you get in trouble or if people are making special trips to spray or do a rescue application, we are also incorporating our BigSweetYield at that point. We also want to see you come back at R1 to R3 with our BigSweetYield DB. You can incorporate that with an insecticide or fungicide. It mixes well – no problems whatsoever. We’ve got people who have been doing that for years and years now.

So that’s basically our program we like to recommend.

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