Thursday, September 21st 2023

Rod Smith Discusses His Experience Using BigYieldCoat Soy

Rod Smith, a farmer out of Cleveland, MO discusses his first year using the BigYieldCoat Soy seed treatment from Rod saw better color, plant vigor, and emergence using the BigYieldCoat Soy. If you have any questions or are interested in trying the BigYieldCoat Soy, call or email anytime.

Video Transcript

John: Hey guys, John Ortiz with Today I’ve got Rod Smith. Rod has been using a product called BigYieldCoat Soy this year and we wanted to hear what he had to say. Rod, where are you from?

Rod: I’m Rod Smith from Cleveland, Missouri.

John: What are you currently growing?

Rod: Corn, soybeans, and wheat.

John: Perfect. Like I said, Rod has been using BigYieldCoat Soy. This is the first year that he used it. Rod, what have you experienced using the product, and what stood out to you on things you liked or didn’t like?

Rod: One thing we liked about the BigYieldCoat Soy is that it’s easy to put in the planter and it mixed real well with the seed. One thing we noticed after we planted was the soybeans had really good color and really good vigor. They grew, it seemed to me, a little bit faster than the beans that did not have it.

John: Perfect. Rod, wil you be using the product again next year?

Rod: We will absolutely be using the product again next year.

John: Awesome, thanks Rod. Be sure to follow us on

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