ROI and Cash Flow Still the King

I hope that you’ve heard about our upcoming winter meeting! On Thursday, Dec. 22, at 11:30 a.m. CST, we’ll host the winter meeting via webinar. Producers and professionals from throughout the country can join us.

In agriculture today, commodity prices are low, margins are tight, and farmers need to operate more efficiently. To survive in these conditions, return on investment and cash flow are kings. That’s why our Dec. 22 webinar will focus on strategies for reducing costs, increasing the bottom line and improving on-farm efficiency.

We’ve booked agriculture leaders and professionals to present during the live broadcast. They’ll share unique perspectives about the next 24 months in agriculture. Plus, you’re hear their big ideas for taking steps to make your operation more profitable.

Plus, we’ll be announcing many new and exciting products and services that will debut in the next year. Stay tuned for details! Bill Cook of previews the Dec. 22 webinar in this video.

To RSVP for the webinar’s live broadcast, go to



Also, don’t forget about our BigYield Bucks program. You must qualify for your discount by Dec. 31! If you any questions about the program, then please let us know.

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