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Looking for an Affordable and Effective Organic Pesticide? Look No Further!

100% Organic Soybean Pesticide

When Soy-100 is applied directly to plants, it is immediately soaked into the plant.  Once the product is deep inside the plant, the sugar content of the plant rises.  If you are skeptical, go pour a sugary beverage on a patch of grass in your front lawn. Check back on the spot in one week and you will understand exactly …

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100% Organic BP In-Furrow Treatment for Soybeans

Big Yield BP In-Furrow Treatment for Soybeans 100% Organic

Hi. My name’s John Ortiz with BigYield.us. Today we are looking at an in-furrow product from Country Road Distributors called BP In-Furrow. We’ve done some tests on corn early on and had some good results with early germination. But one of the things we’re testing here is in-furrow treatment on soybeans. We had a very good germination on this seed, …

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