Take Advantage of the KISS Program Beginning July 15th

Be sure to take advantage of major product discounts during our “Keep it Simple Sales” program beginning on July 15th.

Growers can earn 30% discounts on BigSweetYield purchased in pallet quantities. If they also purchase pallet / tote quantities of Yield Booster or BigSweetYield DB, they can increase their BigSweetYield discount to 50%, bringing the cost of that product down to $0.98 per pound. Please note that the Yield Booster and BigSweetYield DB products will be full price, and all product must be paid for 100% upfront.

Alternatively, 0% John Deere financing is available on all BigYield product purchases if growers do not want to participate in the product discount program.

This program ends on August 4th. Watch the video from Bill Cook to learn more.

Video Transcript

Good day everyone. This is Bill Cook with BigYield.us. I want to talk to you a little bit about the KISS program.

It’s been kind of a labor of love and we know you guys have been going through some really tough times so our salesforce wanted to do the best they could for you. We cut prices really, really low. Our concern was trying to get this low cost to you.

We have never been this low on our prices, and we did that strictly because of the hard times that we felt you were going through. Take advantage of it. Call your salesmen. This will be from July 15th until August 4th.

We’ve never been this low before on our pricing and I don’t think we’ll ever be this way again. So don’t miss it. Always take advantage of it.

We wish you a great summer and lots of yield for this year. Thank you very much, and again, have a great summer.

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