The BigYield Spotlight – Farm Tours

Landon Teal discusses our upcoming farm tours and what growers can expect if they attend.

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This segment originally aired on August 23, 2017.

Audio Transcript

Kyle: Once again it’s a BigYield Spotlight. I’m Kyle Hill, visiting with Landon Teal of Today we’re looking ahead to September. We’ve been talking about your research farm tours a couple of times in the past. Landon, let’s talk a bit more about that. Who are these tours for?

Landon: These tours are for any farmer who wants to come out and see all the research we have been doing at the farm. This includes normal commercial farmers, farmers that are looking at the non-GMO production, as well as transitional and organic producers.

Kyle: What can commercial farmers come look at?

Landon: The commercial farmers can come see some of our BigYield product testing. That includes our in-furrow and foliar testing on soybeans. If we still have some corn in the ground on those days, we will be able to look at some of our product comparisons on corn, both in-furrow and foliar.

Kyle: What about the non-GMO, transitional, and organic producers. What will they be able to look at?

Landon: One of the big things that these producers will be able to take a look at is our burning equipment. We will show them some of our burners and how they work. They will also be to look around at our plots that we have burned to see how the burners affected the weed pressure. Other than the burning equipment, these producers will be able to learn about some of the different tillage systems we have tried, and will be able to look at some of the ground we have used for cover crops. The commercial producers can also look at any of this stuff if they are interested.

Kyle: What else will be happening at these farm tours?

Landon: We will have a lot of ag professionals around and we will be able to discuss a lot of the marketing opportunities that producers can look into for the next growing season. We will also discuss contracting to sell into certain markets, and how to increase overall ROI on a farming operation.

Kyle: This sounds like a great opportunity for growers. When will these tours will be taking place?

Landon: These tours are from September 4th through the 8th. We can do two or three tours per day. We will have Tuesday, September 5th be our commercial farmer and non-GMO farmer focus. Wednesday, September 6th is when all of our organic producers will be able to come in. On Thursday, September 7th we will have some of our different buyers and companies on the farm that growers can talk to about the new markets for their crops. Monday the 4th and Friday the 8th we will set aside for private tours. A grower can come in on either of those days and tour anything they want.

Kyle: Is there a cost for growers to attend?

Landon: No, it is totally free for our growers to attend, and we will also be providing a meal for them. We want our growers to register as soon as possible. Our private tours on the 4th and the 8th have to be scheduled by August 25th. Anyone who registers by the 25th will get a free BigYield t-shirt, and will be entered into a drawing for a free trip to the Mid-America Organic Association Conference in January. Tours for the 5th, 6th, and 7th have to be scheduled by September 1st.

Kyle: To register for these tours, how can they get ahold of you Landon?

Landon: They can get ahold of us by calling (816) 773-6096, or they can go to to register online.

Kyle: Once again Landon Teal joining us on our BigYield Spotlight. Once again we’re encouraging you to sign up for the farm tours going on September 4th through 8th at the farm, the research facility off of route 7, west of Garden City. Landon, good to be speaking with you today.

Landon: Thanks Kyle.

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