Tips for 2019 Success | Excerpts from Garden City Confidential

It’s time for growers to be making their plans for next year, and the BigYield team wants to help your operation be successful in 2019. Our latest Garden City Confidential episode was all about tips for 2019 success. Watch the video to hear a few excerpts from what our team discussed during the episode. If you are interested in watching the full episode, click the link below. As always, let us know if we can help make you more successful.

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Video Transcript

Bill Cook: Now everything is about data – data collection, getting your data, etc. One of the things that we really stress as we move into sharing more of that stuff, is we really want you to think about how you can participate in – if someone is getting your data, how does it make a profit for you?

So I think that is one of the things as we go into the new year – we’re probably going to get our nose bloodied a little bit. We have some attitiudes about farmers and how to make them money. We’re not necessarily big corporate people. I’m not for sure. So we are really going to look at ways that farmers can think about how they use their data and get a cut of the action of what their data is really doing for them.

John Ortiz: Who is seeing it, how they control it, what it is being used for, and who it is sold to.

David Yoder: Another thing is timing. Timing is everything. A lot of times we will see something and somebody is afraid to jump at that situation, but I’ve learned this year that timing is huge.

John: One of the biggest things we’ve seen is with our weather patterns. When it’s time to work you have to work.

David: Right. Bill has always been big on that. It doesn’t matter if it’s Tommy’s birthday, when it’s time to go you had better be ready to go.

John: It’s not necessarily how many acres you farm but how well you manage them. That’s one of the things we have seen as well.

Brian Kurz: That has been huge for me getting started on my own farm away from what I grew up on. There is a good mix for everybody. There are people who are going to be able to farm 10,000 acres and are going to net $150 to $200 per acre and make a really good income. There are also people that the better mix for them is going to be farming 1,000 acres – farm it really well, pay attention to it, farm it organically – and be able to net $900 to $1,000.

Bigger is not necessarily better. It’s all situation by situation and you have to figure out what works for you.

David: Change is hard. Sometimes it’s really easy. One thing we discussed was not all change is good. But you have to pay attention to that. You have to be willing not only to change yourself but you have to watch what is going on around you. Watch the things you can’t control – your grain markets, your weather patterns, resistant weeds, or whatever it may be. You’re going to have to change with what is going on – especially the commodity prices right now. We’re seeing more extreme weather patterns. I think last year we had two 8-inch rains almost back-to-back.

Brian: You have to make sure you are constantly educating yourself and becoming the best producer you can be.

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