Tony Reinsch Joins the BigYield Sales Team

Tony Reinsch is the newest addition to the sales team. Tony is based out of the Nebraska area and is excited to help both conventional and organic growers save money, make money, and save time. Watch the video to learn more about Tony. Feel free to contact Tony anytime at (402) 957-0412 or

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Tony Reinsch. I’m from Nebraska. I’m here today because I’m joining the BigYield sales team.

I’m originally from south-central Nebraska, and I currently live on the west side of Omaha.

A little bit about my background is I grew up on a farm. I worked in a seed corn operation for many, many years. After college I went back into the ag chemical business. I managed retail in Fairmont, Nebraska for a few years. In that retail we had a couple of spray planes. After that I had my own crop consulting business. I managed that with a friend of mine for several years. I sold the business to him and moved to the Omaha, Nebraska area. I’ve been working with ag chemical and ag fertilizer pretty much ever since.

Q: Why did you want to join the BigYield sales team?

Something about the BigYield that really impressed me was they have products – they want to save the farmer money, save the farmer time, and make that farmer money. That’s very impressive because when commodity prices are low, like they are now – anytime you can help that person save money, save time, or make them money, it’s a benefit to that farmer and in a circle it’s a benefit to everyone.

That’s the conventional side. Along with that, what really impressed me the last couple years that I have been working with John, Bill, Derek and everyone here – I’ve known John and Bill for almost nine years now. Just watching them and how they have taken their products and improved them, and the lengths that they go to make sure the products that they sell are viable products in the marketplace. I’ve been around products for many, many years. Some of them work and some of them don’t. Some of them work specifically here and not over there.

Back to the question of what interested me – was the different products that they have, combined with the organic products that they have. Organics is a growing business every year. Even in Nebraska I’ve been seeing – Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota – I’ve been seeing a lot of organic products that are growing, and the acres are growing also. This is an opportunity to use my agronomic background to help the conventional people, along with the organic people.

Q: Why is working in agriculture important to you?

I love agriculture. I grew up in agriculture. A lot of times people don’t really find out where their heart is. I did. I found it out twice.

I left the farm back in the 1980’s when my dad told me there was no money to be made farming. I went into electronics. I hated it. Just hated it. Cool stuff and I learned a lot. But I just hated it. So I went back into agriculture.

Here about 10 years ago I left agriculture – about 13 years ago I left agriculture. I was the sales manager for a human and pet nutrition company. I travelled all over the United States and Canada. Great job, great people. I learned a lot about human and pet nutrition. But, every time I went somewhere I kept finding myself gravitating to the local ag industries.

I was always stopping on the side of the road when I landed in LA and I would drive up to San Fransisco. I’d be pulling over to the side of the road and I would be talking to farmers about – what are you guys doing here? What are you growing? How are you applying fertilizers? Is this organic?

It finally just struck me one time on a flight home from Portland, Oregon that my heart was still in agriculture. When your heart is in agriculture, you will find a way to make things work. That’s why I decided to stay with agriculture.

Q: How can people contact you?

How people can get ahold of me is they can give me a call on my cell phone number, or they can drop me an email. The best way to get ahold of me is dropping me a text on my cell phone. That number is (402) 957-0412. The reason I don’t have a lot of people leave messages is because my travels take me to Timbuktu and there’s no signal. For some reason text messages get through. But if they want to leave a message and it might be a few hours before I get back to them, but text or phone call is the best and email would be a third way.

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