Use BigYield Products on Hay and Pasture

With the shortage of hay and high hay prices, now is a good time to try applying products to increase the productivity of hay and pasture ground. Watch the video from David Yoder and Brian Kurz to learn about our recommendation for BigYield products on hay and pasture ground. If you have any questions or are interested in using these products, contact us any time.

Video Transcript

David Yoder: Hi guys, today we’re coming to you from the research farm, here in the office. We’re going to talk to you a little bit about grasses and what we are seeing and what we would really like to see you guys try. We’ve got some pretty cool programs we’re coming up with this year. We are going to have a lot of research and a lot of data as far as protein, tonnage, applications, timing, rates, and all of that stuff. What we are pushing this year is our BigSweetYield DB with an extra two pounds of sweetener in it. Hit that early in the spring with your chemical for weed control. This gives the grass an extra shot of energy to get it out of the ground. For organic producers, we are using our Yield Topper, which is a liquid chicken litter. We are also throwing a couple pounds of BigSweetYield in with that. I think we will see some good results. We’ve got Brian here with us today. Brian, what are you thinking here?

Brian Kurz: What we are looking at is hitting that target ROI. That is what we’re doing with the research. We’ve seen the program that we are talking about show some good results, but we want to learn exactly what those results are – how much protein quality and tonnage we are increasing, what the difference is between the BigSweetYield DB and Yield Topper, etc. We are going to be pulling some samples and looking at that. We’ve got some local guys spread out doing research as well. We’re doing research on lawns, grass, and turf. We’re hoping to gain some really good information from that and hone in and show what exactly we are gaining on a profit side. We are also looking to see how much weed pressure is reduced. Most of us know that increasing the quality of your grass reduces your weed pressure – there is less competition. We want to see how much that helps as well, and the same with our insect pressure. Stay tuned to see how we are getting along. Hopefully, we’ll be able to report back soon.

David Yoder: This is David and Brian, signing off from the research farm here in Garden City, Missouri.

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