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Use BigYield Products on Your Lawn

BigYield products are great for use in production agriculture, but their use doesn’t end there. They are also great for home use applications, like improving the quality of your lawn. Watch the video from John Ortiz of and Jarid Wise of Pro Turf Lawn Service to learn more.

If you have any questions or would like to use these products on your lawn, contact us anytime.

Video Transcript

John: Hey guys, John Ortiz with Today we are here with Jarid from Pro Turf. We’re going to be discussing our BigYield products – not only are they used for the row crop industry, but we’re also bringing them into lawn & garden, horticulture, ornamentals, and turf as well.

We’re doing some trials and work with Pro Turf this year. I’ve been a customer of these guys for the last three years – two or three years. Not only on the turf side, but also on the pro pest side.

So I’ve got Jarid with me from Pro Turf and we’re going to go over some of the things we’ve seen and some of the applications and other yards. My yard looks phenomenal for the amount of rain fall we have had here in Peculiar, Missouri. We’ll show you some of that footage as well. Now I’m going to ask Jarid a couple questions.

What all has been done to my yard?

Jarid: We’ve done a total of three applications on this property. For our early spring lawn application we put down our regular fertilizer which is a 15-0-4 product. We deliver about 3/4 of a pound of nitrogen for that early spring green-up. That also has our pre-emergent barricade product mixed in with it for crab grass control.

The second application is where we started incorporating the BigYield products. The BigSweetYield and BigBioYield products. This is going to allow us to deliver more organic material around the plant to promote healthier plants, which is going to make the plant require less nitrogen delivered by us – it’s going to get it more naturally. That will allow us to leave less of a carbon footprint on our customers properties.

The third treatment you got a grub control on your application. Any of our customers that have gotten a grub control are getting liquid treatments with that, so we used the BigSweetYield and BigBioYield on that as well.

Originally we were going to go with one application using the BigYield products this year. We decided that wasn’t a good judgement so we’ve decided to put it in our third application as well as our fifth treatment throughout the year as well.

John: Let me ask you this: is there anything that stands out about these products, compared to products you have used in the past?

Jarid: It does promote organic matter around the plant and make a healthier plant. It’s not something that is normally a visual difference. Like with a corn plant – fescue is in the family of the corn plant. You get a bigger yield on your corn – you don’t necessarily get a “bigger yield” on your grass. Visually, I have seen more seed heads on the fescue plants it seems like. You’re getting that in the agricultural side, it seems to be coming over to the lawn side as well.

Overall, it’s been bad weather this year. We had an early summer that hit us hard. It’s been drought-like conditions. This yard is in great shape – we’ve got great color on this yard. It’s not necessarily the same across the city because everybody’s watering habits are different. But overall, we’re happy with the results.

John: That’s one thing I saw too was that our yard was green for the amount of rainfall we’ve had. We’ll get some shots of the rest of the yard. Would you recommend using BigYield products on lawns?

Jarid: This is our first year trying and testing these products. We have a couple other test plots where we are bumping up the BigSweetYield rates and seeing if we can get an improvement on color there.

The whole focus here was to try and get a darker color lasting longer through the summertime. That was the overall goal. We’re always trying to improve our summer program. We’ll make a determination at the end of the year, but as of right now I don’t see any plans on changing what we’re using.

John: If people are interested in using your program, how would they get ahold of you?

Jarid: They can always call our main office at 816-318-1090. They can also go to

John: This is John Ortiz and Jarid Wise with Thank you very much and have a great day.

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