Want Higher Soybean Yields? There are a Few Things You can do to Ensure That!

Managing your soybean plant from it’s infancy all the way through it’s reproductive stage will ensure a high soybean yield.

Soybean YieldsThis is about the time of the season where your beans are growing nicely and setting pods. In the past, the temptation of growers has been to sit back and relax while waiting for the harvest. Often times, the latter part of the season can put stress on your soybeans for different reasons. But new research shows that you can make a difference in your yield right now by observing your crop and being proactive until the harvest comes.

1) Water water water! While in most cases moisture management is generally up to Mother Nature, growers can take several steps to understanding their environment and how it impacts their soybean crop. Wherever possible, it is advisable to develop an irrigation plan. With soybean prices at an all time high over a sustained period, it may be the right time to consider adding irrigation to your fields to ensure high crop yields into the future. You can monitor soil conditions closely with the use of various tools that help you understand exactly where you’re at so that you react to soil profile changes in varying weather conditions. Monitoring your soil’s permeability and adapting to unfavorable conditions will enable you to make better use of the moisture you do receive in dry conditions. The researchers at BigYield.us are active pursuing a technology that will enable growers to apply a foliar application that will cause the plant to slow down moisture loss during dry times. While we have not yet perfected that technology, the data is promising. Read more about that here.

2) A Foliar Fungicide is Good Medicine at R3. Disease control is always a concern for growers. But the worst time to experience health debilitating symptoms within your crop is during pod development, or around the R3 stage.

“Fighting illness within your plants with a product like BP Foliar Plus is a cost effective way to ensure the health of your crop later in the season when it needs it most. BP Foliar Plus also provides a much needed booster shot of micro nutrients that will strengthen the plant through the reproductive stage, building a stronger, higher yielding soybean plant,” says John Ortiz, BigYield.us Researcher.

With the application of a fungicide and nutrient booster, you can consistently experience overall improved plant health. Our team has documented significant physiological improvements such as stronger root systems, improved nutrient uptake, reduced transpiration, and a resulting extended period of pod fill. With the affordability of fungicide products in the marketplace today, and specifically our BP Foliar Plus, there is no reason to not give your soybeans an opportunity for a strong finish.

3) Insects be Damned! Insects are a constant threat to your crops. It doesn’t matter what the crop or where it grows. And the mid to late growing season can sometimes cause your crop to look like a field of yummy goodness to hungry pests. Especially as your pods begin to set and fill. Growers should monitor their fields for insects and be prepared to treat as necessary. Our team has had great success with the application of our Soy100 Pesticide which is a 100% All Natural, Fully Organic Pesticide.

“There is no reason to allow pests and insects to take out your crop when a healthy dose of our all natural pesticide can make the difference. Plant Health is our primary concern, and one way to ensure a bug free crop is by applying Soy100 or Soy100DB,” says BigYield.us Researcher Franklin Weaver.

While the phrase “set it and forget it” has become a popular one over the years, we don’t recommend that strategy at all. In order to achieve the highest yield in your fields, growers must be vigilant and stay informed about the latest technological advancements out there, along with the various soybean yield enhancement products available in the marketplace today. Understanding your options and then acting upon the treatment recommendations we’ve made will ensure that your crop has the best opportunity to reach it’s full genetic yield potential.

For more information about how to get the highest yield from your soybean crop, contact one of our consultants today.

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