Wheat and Corn Plot Update

Yeah, this is Bill Cook reporting for BigYield.us.

We’re here at the farm and Mr. Ortiz and Mr. Franklin are on assignment in Columbia today planting plots. They’re also working at Columbia finishing up.

But we have a lot of things going on here at the farm. Mr. Hartzler here is running nitrogen on the corn. This is the kind of nitrogen rig here that we use on the farm. Bob, give us a wave. Bob’s handling everything really good. Give us a wave there, Bob.

I’m going to pan over here and just kind of give you an update. These are the Fox boys. They work here with John and Franklin to get high yields on wheat. We’re trying to get 100, 120 bushel wheat here at the farm using a lot of the same methods we’re using on soybeans and corn.

But again, I’m just giving you a quick update. Mr. Ortiz and Mr. Franklin want one out once a week so everybody kind of knows what’s going on here at the farm. So here we are at the farm where BigYield.us is formed.

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