Make Soybean Seed Treatments Your High-Yielding Secret

To survive, crops must be strong and healthy, and providing well-balanced plant nutrition gives plants not only what they need to survive but also thrive.

Seed treatments present an opportunity to supply plants with essential nutrients at planting and support seed’s potential. To raise high-yielding soybeans, a University of Illinois researcher has named seed treatments as one of the six secrets to success. You can read more about the six secrets in this AgFax story. Also, the story links to a recent webinar hosted by the Illinois Soybean Association that further describes the research-based secrets.

BigYieldCoat Soy, a new seed treatment from, can be your key to soybean crops establishing a healthy, early start and yielding well at harvest. The seed treatment supplies multiple nutrients that soybean crops need to excel: calcium, magnesium, sulfur, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Each nutrient fills a unique role in supporting plant health. For soybeans, the cobalt and molybdenum have particular importance.

Both cobalt and molybdenum influence nitrogen fixation. According to the International Plant Nutrition Institute, cobalt facilitates a chain reaction that concludes with nitrogen fixation. The process goes like this. Root nodules require hemoglobin to fix nitrogen, and the vitamin B12 needed for hemoglobin formation is synthesized using cobalt.

Similarly, molybdenum produces a component necessary in nitrogen fixation. Nitrogenase, one molybdenum-containing enzyme, works with root nodule bacteria to fix nitrogen, based on information from a publication by the International Plant Nutrition Institute.

By supplying both cobalt and molybdenum, BigYieldCoat Soy encourages successful nitrogen fixation. Other benefits supported by the BigYieldCoat Soy seed treatment include aiding root hair growth, enhancing nutrient uptake and stimulating seedling vigor and emergence.

Designed as a dry planter box treatment, the BigYieldCoat Soy seed treatment is recommended at 4 ounces per 100 pounds of seed. In trials, soybean yields have increased by as much as 7.5 percent with the BigYieldCoat Soy seed treatment. In this video, John Ortiz of shares more details about using BigYieldCoat Soy.

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