Who is AgMaxx?

Have you ever wondered how our businesses fit together? AgMaxx, Inc. is where it all starts, it is the parent company to everything we do. Branches under AgMaxx, Inc. include our BigYield product line, VISPS verification program, West Central Cereal Grains, agricultural research, and more. Watch this video to learn about everything we do to service our non-gmo, organic and conventional producers.

Video Transcript

My name is Bill Cook. AgMaxx is a company that is kind of the holding company that works with a lot of individual companies. We do a lot with BigYield, AgTeam Professionals, and the West Central Cereal Grains, LLC.

The biggest thing we have going right now is the VISPS program. That’s a third-party system that creates value with farmers and creates value to customers for food safety.

My name is Curtis Grimes. I’m the logistics coordinator and merchandiser for West Central Cereal Grains. I manage shipments back and forth. I ship our VISPS verified grain over to different feed mills and customers, and try to connect our customers with final end products.

VISPS verification is Verification Identifying Smart Plant Solutions. What VISPS is is it’s a tracking and tracing program that allows us to bring more value back to the farm by connecting our end users with the original growers. It allows us to completely show the end user what the producer is doing all the way through the growing process.

I organize the trucking and get it picked up at the farm. If they want to truck it we do that as well. We’ve got a nice system right now that allows us to move things around with several growers and several pickup points. It allows a lot more ease of use than trying to go sell it by yourself.

VISPS is designed to create the most value at the farm level through lots of data. That data gets put through a system where it is tracked and traced. It goes all the way to the end consumer – what we call the Food Grade Highway. You can get off that highway at any point, but the idea is to get the best product to the end customer at the lowest price with the most value back to the grower or the farmer – or whoever is producing that product.

There are several levels of verification. We do non-GMO, we do transitional, we do chemical free. Now we’re doing livestock, which will let you track and trace livestock to the end consumer.

We will be adding on the VISPS program trait products based on SOP’s that companies want. SOP’s are standard operating procedures that a company may want to take to their company for food safety, which tracks the product right back to the face of the farmer. So they can find out exactly where the crop or food is being raised that they are going to consume, at a low cost. That’s our job.

My name is David Yoder. I work for AgriNext. Weed control and insect control are big problems in the organic world. We’ve got different products and burners that help with insect control and weed control. We’ve got different kinds of fertiizers. We’ve got a liquid chicken litter. It’s a foliar product. We also run it in-furrow. We also have our sweetener and dry seed treatments that go on in the planter box.

My name is Brian Kurz. I run a research business called Renegade Research. What we focus on mainly is how much money can we return to the business and how much money can we return to the farmer. If you spend a bunch of money, it may not be beneficial to you on a margin standpoint. Can you maximize the return on the dollar you invest. That’s specifically what we do.

I’m going to come do on-farm products and in-furrow tests. Universities are mainly going to be testing varieties and how those varieties compare to each other. I’m testing more of the yield-enhancing products. I just want to what is out there, compare them to each other, and see which one truly is going to make you the most money. At the end of the day, farming is a business.

We have the Schaffert Rebounder, which is a seed firmer that puts fertilizer right on top of the row. We are also testing the Keaton seed firmer. That’s mixed with the Keaton FurrowJet. This is actually changing how we put the fertilizer and in-furrow applications into the row.

Schaffert has a G2 and it is a liquid fertilizer that is applied directly behind the row specifically on corn. With the new planter we are bringing on, we will also be able to do multi-hybrids, and do variable rate of the application for the seed. We want to see that in the field and see if it is worth the money.

My name is John Ortiz and I work with BigYield. We do three things: we reduce your cost, make you more efficient, and increase your bottom line. We give you access to wholesale ag chemical through one of our other companies. We can show you better yield responses and increases by introducing you to yield-enhancing products.

Usually how it works is the first year we get a quarter or your acres, or a third or half. Usually by that third year we have all of your acres. We try to help you stay in business year after year.

One of the best ways we communicate with you is with a YouTube show called Garden City Confidential. It’s a way that we bring values from our local communities onto the internet and a way that people can look at what is going on out here in rural America.

Be sure to look us up on YouTube. It’s Garden City Confidential.

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