BigSweetYield DB

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BigSweetYield DB is available in 275 gallon totes

BigSweetYield DB is a cold-processed sweetener mixed with the BigBioYield poly-microbial blend and Yield Booster with seven micronutrients. It has proven to significantly increase soybean yields, and it delivers all the benefits provided by the BigSweetYield cold-processed sweetener.

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Key Benefits

  • Increases proteins, vitamins, minerals, and sugar within the plant
  • Increases yield potential by improving plant health
  • Has shown to consistently reduce insect pressure
  • Promotes enhanced disease resistance
  • Increases the availability of nutrients
  • Enhances fungicidal activity
  • Increases plant health, plant vigor, and pod development
  • Creates pure energy for the soybean plant

Growers like you are seeing healthy yield increases by applying BigSweetYield DB as a foliar application.

Recommended Application – Soybeans

We recommend applying BigSweetYield DB at the R1-R3 growth stages, when the soybean plant is flowering. We recommend applying at a rate of 3 quarts per acre.

Click here to see the full soybean growth chart.

What Customers are Saying

Working this year with the BigSweetYield DB system, we saw a yield increase of 5-6 bushels per acre. The yield definitely went up where the BigSweetYield DB was added.
– Paul Davis, New Kent County, VA (2015)
We saw a 10 bushel per acre increase where we used the BigSweetYield DB. This product more than pays for itself, and that’s why we use it.
– Chris Thompson, Appleton City, MO (2015)

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