BigYieldCoat is available for organic use. Be sure to ask your organic certifier before using this product.
BigYieldCoat is available in 5 pound jars and 20 pound cases.

BigYieldCoat is a nutrient supplement that gives seedlings what they need to get a head start on the growing season. It’s survival of the fittest, so give your plants the supplements they need to emerge, grow and thrive. Crops will get up and out of the ground faster; grow stronger stems; and better compete for nutrients, water and sunlight. BigYieldCoat is a dry powder designed to treat seeds in the planter box.

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This product is currently undergoing an approval process by the Washington State Department of Agriculture for organic use. Always ask your organic certification agency before applying a product.

Key Benefits

  • Provides essential nutrients for developing strong shoots and roots
  • Supports seedling vigor and emergence
  • Aids root hair growth
  • Enhances nutrient uptake
  • Consistently produces higher yields
  • Supplies 8 vital nutrients

Through stronger, more vigorous seedlings, BigYieldCoat helps plants to produce higher yields.

BigYieldCoat Soybean Comparison
BigYieldCoat Corn Comparison

Recommended Application

BigYieldCoat ApplicationBigYieldCoat is applied to the seeds in planter boxes. Fill your planter box half full of seed, apply half of the BigYieldCoat, and mix thoroughly. Then, fill the other half of the planter box with seed, apply the rest of your BigYieldCoat, and mix again. Apply 8 ounces of BigYieldCoat per 100 pounds of seed on corn and 4 ounces per 100 pounds of seed on soybeans.

What Customers are Saying

The 2017 season was very wet, and we had to replant some of our corn. Where we used the BigYieldCoat, we did not have to replant.
– Oakland Farms, Drexel, MO (2017)