BP In-Furrow

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BP In-Furrow is available in 275 gallon totes

Producers may use BP In-Furrow as an application that combines the BigBioYield poly-microbial blend with a high-quality food grade starter fertilizer. It’s proven to significantly increase yields in corn, wheat, milo and other crops.

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Key Benefits

  • Increases overall yield by increasing plant health
  • Protects against soil-borne diseases and pathogens
  • Promotes enhanced root development
  • Promotes bigger brace roots and thicker stocks
  • Increases organic matter in the soil
  • Increases the availability of nutrients
  • Superior enzyme production
  • Increases rooting and mineral uptake

Growers like you are seeing healthy yield increases by applying BP In-Furrow as an in-furrow application.

Recommended Application – Corn

BP In-Furrow is an in-furrow application, designed to be applied at the time of planting. We recommend applying at a rate of 4 gallons per acre.

Click here to see the full corn growth chart.

What BigYield.us Customers are Saying

On corn, we’ve seen tremendous results with the BP In-Furrow program. We saw quick and even emergence and much stronger stalks. Using this product, we have seen up to a 45 bushel per acre increase in overall yields.
– Rod Smith, Cleveland, MO (2014)
We saw an 8 bushel per acre increase when we tested this product against Riser. I noticed a fast shoot and the plants came out greener. The root system also had more mass throughout the growing season. This product was a joy to work with compared to many products I have used in the past.
– Robert White, Virginia Beach, VA (2015)

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  1. Cost for 2 totes BP infurrow delivered to Kingman, IN?

    Is there any way to add any sulfur to this liquid product?

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