BPIF-Soy Organic

BPIF-Soy Organic combines our BigSweetYield cold-processed sweetener and our Double Nickel 55 biological fungicide into an in-furrow treatment. BPIF-Soy Organic will help protect your soybeans from harmful pathogens and will give them the energy boost they need for a fast start.

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Key Benefits

  • An in-furrow treatment for organic use
  • Increases levels of plant protein, vitamins, minerals and sugars
  • Protects against harmful pathogens
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pending organic approval

Recommended Application

We recommend applying BPIF-Soy Organic at a rate of 1 qt. liquid + 1 lb. dry per acre. BPIF-Soy Organic is designed to be applied at planting as an in-furrow application.