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Crop Update Photos 4-11-2015

Wheat 03

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New Test Plot Planter from SureFire Ag Systems

New Test Plot Planter from SureFire Ag Systems

John Ortiz discusses the new test plot planter using technology from SureFire Ag Systems. Read More »

Corn Planting Delays Not a Problem Yet

Corn Planting Delays Not a Problem Yet

There’s still plenty of time to get corn in the ground and expect good yields, says University of Missouri Extension specialist Bill Wiebold. Yield does not begin to drop until the first week of May, and then only slightly, Wiebold says. “Given a good growing season, the opportunity for high yields still exists.” His five-year research on planting date in ... Read More »

Three Reasons Why High-Protein Soybeans Pay

Three Reasons Why High Protein Soybeans Pay

Although soybean production revenue most visibly depends on crop yield, producers also benefit when they grow soybeans that fit buyer specifications, such as protein or oil content. The following three points explain why growing and delivering high-protein soybeans can pay. 1) High protein content supports a higher commodity price. The United Soybean Board recently supported a study that quantified the ... Read More »

USDA Releases 2015 Prospective Plantings Report

2015 Prospective Plantings Report

On March 31, USDA released its annual prospective plantings report, which outlines planting expectations for the upcoming year. USDA makes these estimates using survey data and historical data relationships. Conducted in early March 2015, the survey sought planted acreage plans from a sample of more than 84,000 farm operators. The following three points and chart summarize the estimated planted acreage ... Read More »

Planning for Pest Management

Planning for Pest Management

Use BigBioYieldTM Crop Biologicals to Minimize Pest-Related Damages Crop biologicals create a growing environment that can maximize yields and enable growers to efficiently use inputs. They protect crops from diseases; unlock nutrients bound to the soil; and promote a healthy, strong root system. Producers can also benefit from using biologicals as a component of their pest management plans. In two ... Read More »

Soybean Planting Date and Varietal Maturity

Soybean Planting Date and Maturity

Along with the continuing emphasis on getting soybean planted early—late April to early May—comes the question of soybean maturity rating and whether early planting benefits fuller- or shorter-season varieties the most, said a University of Illinois crop scientist. Using data collected from recent planting date trials in central and northern Illinois, Emerson Nafziger constructed a response curve showing the acceleration ... Read More »

Purdue Analyst: Soybeans Gaining Popularity

Soybeans Gaining Popularity

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Prospective Plantings report indicates that farmers nationwide could be looking to soybeans as a financial safe haven in a difficult market, Purdue University agricultural economist Chris Hurt says. The number of soybean acres could reach an all-time high in 2015 while corn acreage is expected to decline for the third year in a row, according to the ... Read More »

Scout Weekly for Alfalfa Weevils

Scout for Alfalfa Weevils

Scout alfalfa now for alfalfa weevils, says a University of Missouri Extension entomologist. Weevil larvae defoliate plants and reduce the quality and quantity of hay. Producers in southern Missouri counties should begin scouting fields weekly now and continue through first harvest, says Wayne Bailey. Growers in central and northern counties need to be on the lookout by mid-April. Eggs are ... Read More »