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Yield Booster Application Options


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Elevate Boron Levels with Yield Booster

Elevate Boron Levels

As described in previous columns, we’ve really been emphasizing micronutrients and their importance. We offer Yield Booster as an option for growers seeking a well-balanced fertilizer. Yield Booster blends N-P-K with seven micronutrients: boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, sodium molybate and zinc. This week, I’ll focus on boron’s role in plant health and high-yielding crop programs. According to a guide ... Read More »

Add a Drone as Your Crop Scout

Add A Drone as Crop Scout

After a June decision from the Federal Aviation Administration, small drones flown for commercial use now have finalized rules to which they must adhere. Effective later this month, the new rules apply to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that weigh less than 55 pounds. These rules have the potential to make drones more accessible for agriculture applications. A recent Farm Industry ... Read More »

Crop Scouting with Drones

Crop Scouting with Drones

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Non-GMO Not Just a Small Niche Anymore

Non-GMO Not Small Niche

Although GMO crops were introduced only a few decades ago, they quickly gained acceptance. In 2015, the USDA reported that 94 percent of U.S. soybeans and 92 percent of U.S. corn were planted to genetically engineered varieties. However, some consumers and food industry stakeholders have sought non-GMO products and made the non-GMO claim more mainstream. Recently, Mintel, a market researcher, ... Read More »

Burners Offer Insect Control Advantage

BigYield Burner

Several weeks ago, we shared about our experience with using a row crop burner to address weed pressure at The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo. You may recall that burners use a propane torch to create heat. The heat controls pre- and post-emergent weeds and grasses without damaging the crop itself. As a residual benefit to weed control, we’ve noticed ... Read More »

Burning for Insect Control


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Nighttime Burning at

Night Flaming

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Research Center Gets Big Wheat Yields

Big Wheat Yields

At The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo., we recently harvested our wheat plots, and we saw some outstanding yields. In the tests, our BigSweetYield DB program produced the highest yields at 113 bushels per acre. BigSweetYield DB combines our cold-processed sweetener, BigBioYield biological with multiple beneficial bacteria and Yield Booster micronutrient blend. The following chart summarizes the yield ... Read More »

Estimate Your Corn Yields

Estimating Corn Yields

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