Research Center Gets Big Wheat Yields

At The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo., we recently harvested our wheat plots, and we saw some outstanding yields.

In the tests, our BigSweetYield DB program produced the highest yields at 113 bushels per acre. BigSweetYield DB combines our cold-processed sweetener, BigBioYield biological with multiple beneficial bacteria and Yield Booster micronutrient blend.

The following chart summarizes the yield results. The check yielded 95.6 bushels per acre. Applying BigSweetYield LB, which supplies our cold-processed sweetener in liquid form, bumped yields to 99.2 bushels per acre. Test Product 1 is a soil biological alternative to our BigBioYield. Combining Test Product 1 with our BigSweetYield cold-processed sweetener pushed yields to 107 bushels per acre.

Assuming that wheat prices average $4.60 per bushel, applying BigSweetYield LB generated a 569 percent return on the initial investment in BigSweetYield LB. For the BigSweetYield DB program, the return on investment exceeded 667 percent.

After the wheat harvest, our team turned to double-crop soybeans, and many of you may have done the same. In this video, John Ortiz of shares some crop program tips for growers raising double-crop soybeans.

For more information about our wheat trials or developing a crop plan for double-crop soybeans, contact us anytime.

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