2020 Organic Conference Recap

The BigYield team recently attended the 2020 Mid-America Organic Association Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. For anyone interested in organic production, this is a great conference full of great information. Watch the video from David Yoder to hear about the main takeaways from the conference. If you have any questions about organic farming, contact us anytime.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, this is David Yoder coming to you today from the research farm here in Garden City, Missouri. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the organic conference. It was this past weekend and was a really good conference.

There were a lot of good speakers there on soil health and organic weed control. A lot of specialty crop guys were there – your elderberry and mushroom cultivation and all that good stuff.

For organic weed control, there were a couple guys up there using weed burners. Some guys were using electric weed zappers and shocking weeds. Then there was your typical mechanical cultivation and different styles of cultivators. There’s a lot of good information up there and you could have a whole segment on some of that stuff. But weed burners and weed zappers were the big ones this year.

Building soil health was big. Guys are using cover crops and keeping their ground covered and getting their organic matter up. They’re also using a lot of compost type materials to build the bacterial life and getting the microbial growth going.

If you guys didn’t make it I would really encourage you to make it next year. It’s usually the last weekend in January or the first weekend in February. It’s a good time where most guys don’t have anything going. If you want to learn more we’re going to be up there.

If you have any questions about organic farming or good organic practices, get ahold of us. Our website is www.bigyield.us. We would love to visit with you and help your operation grow. If you guys are growing then we’re growing. Give us a call or get ahold of us on our website. This is David Yoder.

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