Benefits of Applying Sweeteners to Crops

At BigYield, we are huge advocates for applying sweetener products to your crops. Our sweetener product, BigSweetYield, is one of our staple products and is a product that our customers use year after year.

In this video, BigYield agronomist Shane Hall dives into the benefits of using sweetener products – everything from yield responses, pest reduction, nutrient use, and more.

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Video Transcript

Okay guys when it comes to fertility we all like to get that upper-hand if you will on our foliar feeding. If you don’t do foliar feeding I really encourage you to give it a try. I know that sometimes if our dollars are spent elsewhere and a lot of times the margins are thin, but if you have the opportunity to do some foliar feeding this year you can contact me and we can talk about getting a program together for your feel.

The base of and the most important thing is going to be going into your foliar feeding tank will be a cold processed dextrose or the sweetener. As far as BigYield products are concerned our product is the BigSweetYield and it can take mix with a lot of the others great products that we have available here, but I just want to talk a little about that sweetener, a lot of people say I’m just putting sugar on my field, how beneficial can that be, is that going to give me the return on investment that I need on my farm. There’s been a lot of great studies over the last many years when it comes to sweeteners or sugars in various plots and you can go on the BigYield website and you can look at some testimonials of people who have been using cold processed dextrose and have been using these sugars like BigSweetYield in their fields for many years and they have seen and are testifying to the great things that this product can do.

Some of the things that have come out just in the realm of beneficial insects, if you’ve been around me much you know that I talk big on beneficial insects. I’m not on spraying pesticides just whenever I see a bug in a field, the thresholds and economic thresholds are all important to me so one of the reasons that this is that there are beneficial insects in the field. So if I’m just going through and spraying a bunch of pesticides when the insects aren’t there, then I’m killing my beneficials and I don’t want to do that. One great thing that has come out in the last field trials for BigSweetYield is that there’s as much as 70% increase in treated fields of beneficial insects and it’s said that there’s 35% reduction in leaf feeding from pests whether that’s fall army worms, bean leaf beetles, or grasshoppers. So the percentage of beneficial insects goes up and the damage from harmful pests goes down, those are things that have been seen. Just that alone gives you peace of mind when you’re applying this product.

Another cool thing is the increased survival of lady beetles in these fields and lady beetles are the queen of beneficial insects, they’re aphid destroyers, they eat many many times their weight in aphids in a day’s time. If you’ve got wheat , and you have aphid problems in the past, you definitely do not want to go in there and destroy all of your beneficial insects and kill all the queens. When you’re using BigSweetYield it actually bolsters that population. Lady Beetles are known to stay 20–30% longer in treated fields and that’s pretty impressive when you think about, I’m wanting the beneficial insects to take care of the bad bugs, and they’ll stay in the fields that have the sugar in them much longer, then they would otherwise.

Sugar plays an important role in the biology of the soil, and in the biology of the plant itself. When the sugar is applied and the stomates on the leaves open up and take that in, it is used for the benefit of the plant. So this is a plant defense response, there’s decreased disease levels when it comes to these products and so there are great benefits in this sugar. A lot of people are looking for that big yield increase when it comes to foliar applications, and BigYield has got some products that will definitely increase you yields, if you’re just putting in sugar that may not the thing that we’re looking for, and in a lot of field trials they’re looking at a bushel and a half to two bushels increase when sugar is used, but when it comes to sugar we’re not just concerned about the yield monitor, we’re concerned about giving the plant the opportunity to be healthy and to utilize the environment and utilize what’s in the soil and to give it the best opportunity to be a strong plant and I think that’s what sugar does the best. It takes down and drops pest populations, it triggers a defense response, and again decreases disease levels overall.

When you’re looking for something to stabilize the nutrients that are in the soil, to stimulate the soil biology and to enhance root growth and thereby giving the plant an effective opportunity to do great things in your field. If you’re looking to give the plant the best opportunity to grow and thrive and you’re looking to increase the efficacy of your fertilizers and increase the efficacy of your herbicides, then give BigSweetYield a try.

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