Saturday, February 17th 2024

Boost Herbicide Efficacy with Nanoparticles

Recently, we announced that would introduce a product in 2016 that combines nanotechnology and our liquid BigSoy100 LB cold-processed sweetener. We also have a new product that delivers herbicides on a nano scale.

Like we shared previously, nanotechnology involves using tiny particles – called nanoparticles – developed at an atomic or molecular level. In our case, the nanoparticles measure 50 nanometers to 100 nanometers. For context, one nanometer represents just one billionth of a meter.

For the new herbicide product, nanoparticles were selected and designed to work with herbicides like glyphosate. Nanoparticles are inert. They don’t influence the herbicide’s formulation or mode of action.

To make the product, nanoparticles pass through the herbicide and attach to herbicide atoms. Weeds can more easily absorb herbicide when it’s delivered on a nano scale. When applied, the herbicide can better manage weeds.

Effective early weed control can reduce herbicide resistance potential. Resistance arises as weeds have repeated contact with a herbicide but that herbicide fails to eradicate the weeds. Over time, weeds can form antibodies toward the herbicide and essentially become immune to it. Because the nanoparticles can improve herbicide penetration, using them can help to eliminate weeds before resistance develops.

During 2016, we’ll continue to test the combined nanoparticles and herbicide product, and we’ll have limited product for sale. Call us at 816-773-6018 to learn more.

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