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Bren Fisher Discusses BigBioYield, Yield Booster, and BigSweetYield

Bren Fisher of VanGundy Farms is a grower in the Americus, KS area. Bren has been using our BigSweetYield products for the last two years and used our BigBioYield and Yield Booster on some of his soybeans this year. Using the BigBioYield has led to a higher pod count, and the BigSweetYield has led to a better herbicide kill when mixed with their chemical applications. Watch the video to hear a phone interview with Bren.

Video Transcript

Bren: I’m Bren Fisher, located here in Americus, Kansas. We’re located just north of Emporia.

Derek: What do you guys farm out there?

Bren: Mainly corn and soybeans. We do have a little bit of wheat for rotational purposes and for some cattle grazing.

Derek: OK, how long have you guys been farming?

Bren: My father-in-law who I farm with, I think they established the farm back in 1936 I think. 1936 or 1946 is when VanGundy farms started.

Derek: Well I know you have been using BigYield products this year. Is this your first year using products or have you used them before?

Bren: We used the sweetener last year but this is the first year for using the other foliar products.

Derek: What are you using this year? Are you using the Yield Booster, BigSweetYield, or what are you using?

Bren: We used the BigBioYield and then we used the Yield Booster on some of our double crop.

Derek: What kind of response have you seen from your crops using those products?

Bren: Well, out of that BigBio – I think BigBioYield is technically what it’s called. We noticed significant pod count from using that. We were stressed in our area – we had a really bad drought this year in our area. The areas we sprayed that the plants didn’t stress nearly as bad as they did in the past. We ended up getting rain late in July so we’re going to have a decent crop and it looks even better where we sprayed that BigBioYield becauase the plants just weren’t as stressed. I think that helped because we didn’t lose as many plants and we did notice a significant increase in pod count where we sprayed it vs. where we didn’t. A lot of people will say that just varies on the field and where you had the rain and where you didn’t. I agree, but we split some field so we could tell to the vine where we had sprayed it and where we had not.

Derek: Did you just use these products on soybeans or did you use them on corn as well?

Bren: We only used it on soybeans this year. I think we’re going to use it on some corn next year. We’re new to this product so as you know, like anybody, you’re not going to throw your eggs all in one basket until you’ve seen what it’s done. After we’ve seen what the BigBioYield and the Yield Booster have done I think we’re going to do more and more of it each year. For the sweetener, we sprayed some of that last year and noticed an impact. I didn’t spray a single batch of chemical this year without putting the sweetener in because we had significant results from it last year, and this year as well. Not only a yield boost but we’re noticing more than anything we’re getting a better kill with our herbicides with that sweetener in it. I think that has honestly helped us more than anything is just getting a better kill.

Derek: Awesome. As far as mixability and handling the products, have you had any issues or has everything been great with these products?

Bren: No it mixes easy. Absolutely no issues. We’ve used some other products that try to claim they’re the same and we’ve had some major issues with theirs mixing. That’s one reason we’ve stayed with your sweetener.

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