Friday, September 22nd 2023

Dave McCowan Midseason Corn Walkthrough

Dave McCowan is a BigYield customer in Seymour, Missouri. He has been using BigYield products for three years. This year, he used our BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn and 10 gallons of 3-18-18 applied in-furrow on his corn, along with his dry fertility program. Below is a video Dave sent us discussing his corn crop, along with excerpts from a phone conversation we had with Dave this week.

When asked how easy the BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn was to handle, Dave said:

“The product is simple to use. Just pop the lid off and mix it into the seed box. It sticks to the seed good, and you don’t have a bunch left in the bottom of the seed box when you run out of seed.”

When asked what stood out to him about his corn crop using the BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn and 3-18-18, Dave told us he was impressed by the vigor of the plants coming out of the ground:

“Within a week and a half my corn was green – the vigor was unbelievable. My neighbor’s corn on the same type of ground was twisting and looked ‘grayish’. My corn – unbelievably – is healthy. It’s absolutely amazing. I’m not an agronomist, but there is definitely a visual difference.”

On the topic of emergence, Dave said the following:

“Every one of my seeds was up in less than 48 hours, and I have never had that happen before. The emergence part of it was phenomenal. My neighbor’s corn laid in the ground for like 10 days. Mine had two leaves on it in 7 days.”

Dave ended the conversation by saying:

“It’s simple, and plainly put… it works!”

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