Don’t Forget to Submit Your “Big Deal” Program Data

This past year, Yield Plus, and Renegade Research teamed up to bring you the “Big Deal” program – a program where we provided demo planting to you so you could see the results of yield-enhancing products. As we move through harvest, be sure to submit your data to your BigYield salesperson. Watch the video from Brian Kurz to learn more.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, this is Brian Kurz again with Renegade Research. This past year we had a program called the “Big Deal” program. We went out and planted 40 and 50 acres plots of corn and soybeans, or 160 or 200 acre plots of corn and soybeans.

What we required from our growers was that they put in a side-by-side – something planted with similar fertility, similar plant date, and a similar variety. We wanted to compare these throughout the year.

We wanted to send out a reminder to the participants in this years “Big Deal” program to make sure we are getting your data back. Contact your salesman, the one that you worked with on the program. We want to make sure we get that data in and get a testimony from you of what you saw, what you learned – especially right now at harvest it’s a great time to look at the combine monitor.

So please check back in with us. Hopefully we are going to see some great results from this program. Thank you.

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