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Good Research Guides Good Decision-Making

At, we rely a lot on research. We design field trials every year that test seed, yield-enhancers and other crop inputs. We also use technology to track our research work and measure results. Through these efforts, our goal is to empower decision-making with good data.

You’re likely hearing more about “big data,” and increasingly, you have all kinds of data at your fingertips. All data aren’t equal, however. Field trial methods, execution and data reporting all influence data quality. Consider these tips when reviewing product data:

  • Good field trials use consistent procedures and data collection methods for each replication. You’ll want to know that all trial data are derived from sound research practices.
  • Good data reflect product performance from multiple replications. Products that yield well in multiple environments during multiple years have consistent performance. Thus, they may have a greater likelihood of good future performance in uncertain, varied conditions.
  • Good data originate from trials conducted fairly and honestly. Trials involving a third party may have added credibility. We at work to develop trials that produce defendable results, and we like to share our successes and failures. We view both as opportunities to learn.

Every year, strives to broaden and strengthen its research work. The BigSmartPlots program is a key piece of our in-field research. It provides farmers with a cost-effective opportunity to test and evaluate yield-enhancing products.

Our professionals offer hands-on support to producers who participate in the BigSmartPlots program. In return, we collect more data that we use to continue developing high-quality products.

To learn more about the BigSmartPlots program, call us at 816-773-6018.

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