In-Furrow Applications Directly Support Seed, Young Seedlings

For some time, we at have praised in-furrow treatments for making a big impact on crop health and growth. Our industry has bought into this approach, and according to recent estimates, in-furrow use is expected to expand further.

Treatments like fertilizer, biologicals and fungicides are compatible with in-furrow applications. Seed is a big investment, and in-furrow applications can protect seed and create good growing conditions. After seed germinates, the in-furrow treatment can facilitate quick plant growth and establishment. A strong start positions crops to continue growing well; counter challenges like pests and diseases; and ultimately, yield well. offers several in-furrow treatments. First, for our liquid BigBioYield biological, we recommend using a tube to place it just below where the planter positions seed. A seed firmer can help to manage seed placement. Made from multiple beneficial bacteria,BigBioYield can support early root development, deter soil-borne diseases and promote big yields.

Second, the BPIF-Soy in-furrow treatment blends a crop biological and cold-processed sweetener. Placing it near germinating seed is critical to effectively manage soybean sudden death syndrome.

Third, BP In-Furrow combines the BigBioYield biological and a high-quality, food-grade starter fertilizer. It works well for soybeans, corn, wheat and other grains.

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