Protect Seed with a Dry Planter Box Treatment

For several weeks, we at have shared about our two new seed treatments: BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn and BigYieldCoat Soy. Both are supplements formulated to meet the particular nutrition needs of corn and soybean seedlings, respectively. With the right nutrition supplements, corn and soybeans can emerge quickly, grow well and thrive.

As seed treatments, BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn and BigYieldCoat Soy are designed to enhance nutrient uptake, support seedling vigor and emergence, aid root development and boost yields in corn and soybean crops. In tests, the products have demonstrated 10 percent yield increases in corn and 7.5 percent yield increases in soybeans.

The seed treatments contribute these benefits by supplying nine nutrients that are vital to plant growth and development. However, to meet specific nutrition needs of specific crops, the seed treatment formulations vary by product.

BigYield Coat Corn +Zn contains added zinc, which can discourage corn stunting by triggering critical metabolic reactions and playing a role in carbohydrate, protein and chlorophyll formation, according to a guide from the University of Minnesota. Because of their role in supporting nitrogen fixation, cobalt and molybdenum are two nutrients included at higher levels in the BigYieldCoat Soy seed treatment.

Both BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn and BigYieldCoat Soy are dry powders. To apply the powder as a seed treatment, growers have a couple of options. First, the powder may be used to treat bulk seed. Second, growers can directly add the dry powder to their planter boxes. With either approach, the key is to achieve even coverage. In this video, Kent Kauffman of explains about treating seed with BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn.

The dry powders can either complement or replace the talc and graphite that growers often add to their planters. This story from AgWeb shares the reasoning behind using graphite and talc. Generally, graphite is used to lubricate, reduce wear in a planter’s mechanics and minimize static. The talc can serve as a drying and anti-static compound. The seed treatment is a positively charged material that sticks to seed and adds lubricity for planting purposes.

Please call or email anytime for more information about applying seed treatments this spring.

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