Scouting for Pressure

Scouting for PressureOne of the fundamentals of managing pests and pressures in our fields is regular monitoring. Scouting and observing is a must if we wish to be in the know about what is happening in and between the rows. A typical scouting trip through the field diligently searches for which pests are present, what stage of growth each pest and crop are in, whether a pest population is increasing or decreasing and the con overall condition of the crop. This information is ultimately used to make the decision about whether a control measure is economical.

Scouting and the development of field history is a valuable tool when it comes to long term farm management. Each farm is different. Each field is different. And proper use of time and money demands that we are gathering all the information we possibly can. So, instead of using guesswork and a dim view through a windshield to help us make big decisions, let’s scout those fields with a purpose. Our farms are important to us!

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