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Bob Joehl High Yield Corn Crop

Bob Joehl’s High Yield Corn Crop

Crop planted in the middle of May. In-furrow fertilization used. Tremendous response. We’ve had 16″ – 21″ scattered rainfall in the last six weeks in the spring of growing corn. Corn that normally gets planted in the end of April here got planted in the middle of May, so you can see what kind of response we’ve had to the …

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100% Organic BP In-Furrow Treatment for Soybeans

Big Yield BP In-Furrow Treatment for Soybeans 100% Organic

Hi. My name’s John Ortiz with BigYield.us. Today we are looking at an in-furrow product from Country Road Distributors called BP In-Furrow. We’ve done some tests on corn early on and had some good results with early germination. But one of the things we’re testing here is in-furrow treatment on soybeans. We had a very good germination on this seed, …

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