Takeaways from the 2020 Commodity Classic

Members of our team recently attended the 2020 Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas. There was a lot to learn at the show. Watch the recap video from John Ortiz to learn more.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, John Ortiz with BigYield.us. Today I’m gonna be talkting to you about some of the takeaway points for Commodities Classic for 2020, in San Antonio.

Recently, I took a trip out there to see what was going on. Technology, technology, technology. That was one of the biggest takeaways that I saw, myself personally. A lot of data companies pushing and promoting technology like we’ve been seeing in the past. A lot of equipment, more precise, precision, things of that nature, pushing in-furrow quite a bit as well.

Some of the other things that I’ve seen, you’ve heard us discuss and talk about hemp. We’ve been talking about looking at how to incorporate hemp into some of things that you guys are doing. Noticed a lot, not a lot, but quite a few hemp booths set up there. Saw the U.S. Hemp Growers Association was there. There were some other specialty division pushing and promoting seed, and tracking and traceability and things of that nature.

Also, some of the things that I saw, were a lot of Ag brokerage companies, trying to figure was to go direct to the farm gate. I noticed a few of those companies out there as well pushing and promoting their products and trying to figure out how to get direct to the farm gate. That’s some of things that have slowly been creeping in. You’ve seen some of these companies come online trying to go online direct to the farmer, drop ship product, things like that. So i probably ran into 4 or 5 of those, so that was something a little interesting since Commodities Classic is more geared toward farmers and its a pretty big turnout.

I walked through it pretty fast. I walked from 10:30 until 4:00, till it shut down. My feet were killing me by the time we got done. But, yeah noticed some of that. I was there the first day when it first opened, so I’m not sure, but it seemed to me like attendance wasn’t as big as last year and in the past, but it could just be me and it was opening day, and typically most people show up on the Friday or Saturday or the weekend but we went on the first day that it opened. All in all, good show, new equipment coming out, new technology. Tracking and tracing seems the way to go. A lot of data, a lot of data, and a lot of data.

If you guys have any questions feel free to give us a call at BigYield.us, or send us an email.

Thank you very much and have a great day.

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