Unthinkable Research is Making the Impossible Possible

The BigYield.us team takes pride in our research program. It allows us to test new products and practices not already being considered. It also enables us to find new solutions for the same challenges — like eliminating weeds, managing insect pressure, building soil health and pushing for bigger yields — that you experience on your operation. Through it all, our goal is to offer you products, services and insights that can save you money, make you money and save you time.

Within our research program, we’re willing to take on tough problems — even the ones that may seem insurmountable at the time — and use our creativity and ingenuity to overcome them. We do this by leveraging our research team’s expertise and willingness to experiment with nearly any option that could lead to results for our customers in production agriculture.

In other words, we want to challenge ourselves to do the unthinkable, and we’ve coined these research initiatives as “Team Unthinkable.” By unthinkable, I mean that we may try some unconventional approaches to solving problems. We invest our time and effort in researching these approaches, testing them and evaluating them. If a given approach works, then we focus on refining it, and we want to share our research successes with you. Our philosophy is to make what has seemed impossible possible.

Team Unthinkable has tackled multiple projects that use innovative approaches to improve productivity and efficiency on the farm. We can already tell that a few of our “unthinkable” ideas have made a difference, and after harvest, we’ll have data available to begin computing their returns. In this video, Kent Kauffman of BigYield.us highlights some of the “unthinkable” research underway or planned at The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo.

Don’t miss our field day on Aug. 25, where we’re looking forward to showing you some of our “unthinkable” research. Bring your family, neighbors and colleagues to learn more about opportunities to make your operation as successful as possible.

If we can do anything this week to help you, then please call or email anytime.

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