West Central Cereal Grains IP Storage Facility

This is Bill Cook, and it’s July 2nd. We’re working on West Central Cereal Grains IP LLC. That’s one of the Stutzman’s tractors coming in, hauling dirt from the other side of the bean fields bringing it up. We’re doing the filler dirt.

Over here is Mr. Ortini leveling this bed up. We have Kyle Stutsman running the loader and this is the dirt work that’s starting. We’ll start pouring concrete next week. Mr. Stutzman’s brother is running the scraper.

We’re right across the street from Neco Seed Farms, and this just gives my members kind of an idea of us getting started got the crop all finished planted. We finished up yesterday. We’re just trying to get that dirt work finished so that they’ll start pouring concrete; we have a September 1st goal of having everything ready to have corn put into.

Just a little update here at the new location of West Central Cereal Grains IP LLC.

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