What’s Your “Why”?

Our BigYield.us team recently participated in the WOW – Worldwide Organic Winners conference hosted in Kansas City, Mo. One impactful concept circulating around the conference was the importance of understanding why we do what we do professionally.

This raises a good point. The first question that we should ask ourselves for 2017 is why we’re doing what we’re doing. Answering the “why?” question has meaning for you and your family, customers, employees and suppliers. “Why?” embodies the story that drives your operation and daily life.

Here’s why we at BigYield.us do what we do. We want our growers to be successful. That’s a commitment from all of our BigYield.us team members. To support our growers’ success, we want to find ways to reduce their costs, make their operations more efficient and improve their bottom lines.

To help our growers save money in 2017, we’re making more BigYield Bucks cash discounts available! From Feb. 22 to March 1, you can earn BigYield Bucks on qualifying BigSweetYield purchases. Bill Cook of BigYield.us shares more details about the BigYield Bucks discounts in this video. Of course, please contact us if you have any questions!

Given current market conditions, a focus on making good decisions to save money can have a big effect on a farm operation’s viability. Last week, USDA released its updated farm income and balance sheet publication for February. This story from Wallace’s Farmer reports on the agency’s forecasts.

Based on the USDA data, the farm sector will likely continue to feel strain into the next year; however, some data suggest slight improvement. In 2017, net cash farm income is forecast at $93.5 billion. Compared with the previous year, that value is 1.8 percent higher.

If you’re looking for some motivation this year, then we encourage you to consider what’s your “why?” for the year. Maybe your “why?” is wanting to access a growing niche market, such as non-GMO or organic, that can sustain your operation into the future. Or maybe your “why?” is paying down debt or following your passion for agriculture.

We at BigYield.us want to be a resource for you to fulfill your “why?” If our team can help, then please call or email anytime.

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