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Beneficial Bacteria Support Soil, Plant Health

Biological products are beginning to gain traction in production agriculture. Since 2008/2009, we at Big- have studied and offered biologicals that can manage production factors that influence yield potential.

Our BigBioYield product combines eight beneficial bacteria into a single product. Derived from naturally occurring microorganisms, these specially selected bacteria support or produce enzymes and phytohormones that facilitate soil and plant health. Each bacterial strain has a distinct role.

Collectively, the bacterial blend provides several benefits. Plant hormones produced by BigBioYield bacteria encourage cell and plant growth and development, or they facilitate root growth. A larger root mass enables the plant to access and absorb more nutrients.

Other substances produced by the bacteria position crops to better manage environmental stresses like drought and saline soils, make nutrients available and help defend against pathogens.

BigBioYield pairs well with our BigSweetYield cold-processed sweetener and other crop nutrition products. In Big- SweetYield’s case, the beneficial microbes in BigBioYield can use the glucose-based sweetener as a food source. Access to good nutrition and energy enables soil microbes to flourish, multiply and create healthier soil and plants.

Recent trials underscore the value of programs that include BigBioYield. On average, our research has shown that soybean yields typically increase by 6 bushels to 14 bushels when using foliar BigSweetYield DB, which blends the sweetener, BigBioYield and Yield Booster fertilizer with added micronutrients. In corn, applying BP In-Furrow, which combines BigBioYield and a high-quality, food-grade starter fertilizer, has typically boosted yields by 25 bushels to 45 bushels.

For more information about BigBioYield, call us at 816-773-6018.

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