Saturday, February 17th 2024

Sweeten Yield Potential with BigSweetYield

We recently rebranded our cold-processed sweetener and now use the BigSweetYield name. With it, you’ll get the same yield-enhancing formula that we had offered in our BigSoy100, BigCorn300 and BigWheat150 products.

Already this year, we’ve seen strong interest in BigSweetYield! As a cold-processed sweetener, BigSweetYield is glucose-based, so it supplies carbohydrates in a form that’s quickly available to plants.

BigSweetYield offers soil health, plant health and yield improvement benefits. It supplies carbon, which can make plants more productive and act as a food source for beneficial soil bacteria, fungi and other microbes.

A sweetener like BigSweetYield also offers plants an energy boost. As a result, it encourages plant vegetative growth and supports root development. With BigSweetYield applications, producers may anticipate elevated plant Brix levels, which measure protein, vitamin, mineral and sugar content.

Sweeteners also can help to manage the production environment. They’ve been found to support beneficial insect populations and reduce disease incidence. Spraying BigSweetYield may also improve herbicide adherence to weeds, herbicide uptake and weed control.

Recent work at indicates that producers would also benefit from applying BigSweetYield at burndown. Some research suggests that spraying herbicides like glyphosate can trigger compaction and influence soil microbial life. A BigSweetYield application would ensure that soil microbes have a food source and can perform their needed functions. Additionally, BigSweetYield may supercharge burndown eff¬ectiveness, again, as it can aid in herbicides adhering to weeds.

If you’d like more information about maximizing yields using BigSweetYield, then call us at 816-773-6018.

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