Big Yield is All About Plant Health

Big Yield is All About Plant HealthThe Big Yield Team, or better known as “The Team,” is an Organization whose sole focus is to help you, the grower, increase the overall size of your farm by increasing your crop yields.

Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in agriculture and farming. We have seen just about everything that there is to be seen during that time span. And one thing is certain when it comes to increasing any farming business, that is that plant health is critical to growing your operation and increasing your revenues.

From a historical perspective, the past decade has seen a dramatic shift in agriculture. Scientific research has consistently demonstrated that improving plant health and growing conditions goes a long way towards increasing yields. And it’s that fact that inspired Bill Cook 8 years ago to begin assembling a team of researchers and staff whose mission it is to understand and developing inputs that make plants healthier and stimulate growth.

Today, the Team consists of dozens of people and partners. Universities, scientists, farmers, researchers, staff, and other organizations all working together to bring scientifically researched and field tested innovations to your farm. To date we have created a number of cost-effective inputs that consistently improve plant health, and consistently produce high yield soybeans, high yield corn, and high yield wheat. Not only does our research prove that, but so does the yield from our own personal growing operations.

Over the months and years to come we will be providing videos and how-to articles that tell you how to achieve the same results that we have experienced. Check in regularly to get the latest updates on what’s happening in the field. Even better than that… call us and talk to us. Our team is your team and we want to help you improve the size of your farm. Call us today at (816) 773-6018.

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