Organically Protect Crops from Disease Pressure with the Double Nickel Biological Fungicide

Organically Protect Crops from Disease Pressure

The Double Nickel biological fungicide from BigYield.us supplies a beneficial bacterium that may control or suppress crop diseases. Applied as an in-furrow or foliar treatment, Double Nickel has OMRI certification, so it’s an option for organic producers. Double Nickel is designed to support plant health for crops including corn, soybeans and wheat. It also mixes well with BigSweetYield, our cold-processed …

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Plan Now for Spring Foliar Wheat Applications

Spring Foliar Wheat Applications

In recent years, the wheat market has been bleak. Large harvests worldwide pressured prices. However, market indicators suggest some interesting potential conditions for this year’s crop. According to USDA data shared in a recent Bloomberg story, the U.S. is projected to have planted fewer winter wheat acres this year than in the past century. With lower acreage and potential weather-related …

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BigYield.us Wheat Application Timing

Wheat Application Timing

Kent Kauffman of BigYield.us discusses recommendations for using BigYield.us products on wheat.

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Planning Yield Booster Applications

Yield Booster Application Planning

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Research Center Gets Big Wheat Yields

Big Wheat Yields

At The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo., we recently harvested our wheat plots, and we saw some outstanding yields. In the tests, our BigSweetYield DB program produced the highest yields at 113 bushels per acre. BigSweetYield DB combines our cold-processed sweetener, BigBioYield biological with multiple beneficial bacteria and Yield Booster micronutrient blend. The following chart summarizes the yield …

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Brix Levels Can Indicate Crop Health, Quality

Brix Levels Indicate Crop Health

For field crop and forage producers, reading and interpreting Brix levels may be relatively novel concepts. The specialty crop industry, however, has used Brix readings to assess crop health and quality for some time. Brix levels represent the soluble solids content present in a liquid solution, according to a video from The Ohio State University. Soluble solids include amino acids, …

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Make Manganese Micronutrient Levels a Priority

Manganese Micronutrient Levels

A couple of weeks ago, we shared about the Yield BoosterTM product from available from BigYield.us®. It supplies nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and seven micronutrients that support plant growth and yield potential. Boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, sodium molybate and zinc are the seven micronutrients found in the Yield Booster micronutrient blend. As one of the seven Yield Booster micronutrients, manganese has …

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New Nanotechnology Products Enhance Input Application Effectiveness


Nanotechnology may influence multiple industries such as energy, water treatment, health and medicine. In agriculture, nanotechnology may involve using tiny particles developed at an atomic or molecular level to more effectively deliver crop inputs, such as yield-enhancers and crop protection products, and improve productivity. Otherwise known as nanoparticles, these small particles in our case measure 50 nanometers to 100 nanometers. …

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Foliar Wheat Products from BigYield.us

Foliar Wheat Products from BigYield

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BigYield.us Wheat Products Offer Winning Big Yield Solution

Winning Big Yield Wheat Solution

With the right production environment and inputs, wheat can be a winner on your farm. BigYield.us has several products proven to improve wheat plant health, yields and total production on your farm this year. Our team especially likes the potential that foliar applications have this year for boosting wheat yields. Our BigWheat150, Yield- Booster and BigBioYield products all may be used …

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