Bill Henry of Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Discusses the Team

Hi, my name is Bill Henry. We have a small farm. We’re hobby farmers. It’s not a full time business for us, but we had some ground that was pasture for 100 years. We turned it over about six years ago, and we’ve been soybeans on it for six years. The first couple years were kind of rough, because it’s kind of bottom ground. We went with a four-six bean. For several years we were kind of price conscious and worried about spending the money for yield enhancers. [We were] You know, not sure that they would pay off especially for such a small operation. So, last year, Missouri Food & Fiber, I talked to a couple people there, and they suggested that we try some of their yield enhancing products, specifically the 3-18-18.

We’re actually expanding the farming side of our business next year, and we’re actually picking up four to five hundred acres next year. My wife and I discussed the price differential. There are some less expensive products that we could possibly do, but we sat down and put the pen to paper. We determined that the investments we had in fuel and machinery and equipment and rental far outweighed having that all at risk for a product that was unproven, untested. The value added with the Missouri Food & Fiber product far exceeds the cost differential, and for us it is a no-brainer. The customer service is excellent, if we have any issues we call them, they come out, they’ll help you, they work you right through it, they will sit there and they will help you plan your plots out, you know, specifically targeting certain pieces of the ground for a certain product. We’re excited and we’re looking forward to expanding with Missouri Food & Fiber.

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