Saturday, February 17th 2024

Darren Eck of Kingman, Kansas, Discusses Soy100 and the Team

I’m Darren Eck from Kingman Kansas. We farm wheat, sorghum, corn, and alfalfa. We are currently using Ballad Plus, Soy100, and 3-18-18 on our operation.

We have seen some great benefits with the Soy100, as far as insect pressure and keeping the plants healthy and actively growing. As far as the 3-18-18 it is a really clean product, flows through the planter real easy. You know, it is a real real high quality product. We have sent it to the lab, we have tested it and it is what they say it is.

On the soy one-hundred what we’re finding is if we can get away from, you know, running a pyrethroid or, you know, a capture or something like that and just throw the Soy100 in there every time we hit the field, you know, that would be huge for us, and it is a lot cheaper. On the same token it’s a lot better for the environment rather than using an RUP chemical.

As far as service, they are very prompt. They have always got an answer, and if they cannot figure it out they will find somebody to help you. It is always prompt and, you know, right away. You get an answer right away, no matter what day of the week it is. You know, they have got a lot of different products they are using and it seems like you learn something new every time you talk to them.

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