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BP In-Furrow Boosts Yields, Generates Return in 2016 Corn Trials

BP In-Furrow Boosts Yield

The BigYield.us team has wrapped up the 2016 corn harvest. At BigYield.us, we view field research as one of our greatest assets. Through research, we test products and practices and identify those most likely to maximize yields for our farmers. Essentially, with knowledge gleaned through research, we fulfill our mission of saving you money, making you money and saving you …

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Organic Insect Control Products at BigYield.us

Organic Insect Control Products

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BP In-Furrow Increasing Root Mass on the East Coast

BP In-Furrow Testimonial

Curtis Wolfarth, a farmer in the Virginia area, talks about his experience using BP In-Furrow on corn. BP In-Furrow combines our BigBioYield poly-microbial blend with a high-quality food grade starter fertilizer. It’s proven to significantly increase yields in corn, wheat, milo and other crops.

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Estimate Your Corn Yields

Estimating Corn Yields

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Corn Hybrid Development Takes Detasseling

Corn Detasseling

Although it’s still mid-season for the 2016 corn crop, The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo., has already been planning for future crop years. Namely, our staff this week has focused on corn hybrid development work. A single corn plant yields tassels, which are the male anatomy of the plant, to produce pollen that will fertilize corn ears, which …

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Brix Levels Can Indicate Crop Health, Quality

Brix Levels Indicate Crop Health

For field crop and forage producers, reading and interpreting Brix levels may be relatively novel concepts. The specialty crop industry, however, has used Brix readings to assess crop health and quality for some time. Brix levels represent the soluble solids content present in a liquid solution, according to a video from The Ohio State University. Soluble solids include amino acids, …

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Non-GMO Corn Research at BigYield.us

Non-GMO Corn Research

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Bigger Yields May Demand More Micronutrients

Bigger Yields Demand More Micronutrients

Among crop producers, harvesting a high-yielding crop is a benchmark for success. Various practices and tools are evaluated based on whether they maximize yields and improve profitability potential. At BigYield.us®, we view supplementing micronutrient levels as one – in many cases, untapped – strategy to increase yields. The Yield BoosterTM product from BigYield.us blends the three macronutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus …

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Using Yield Booster on Corn


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In-Furrow Applications Directly Support Seed, Young Seedlings

In-Furrow Applications Help Seedlings

For some time, we at BigYield.us have praised in-furrow treatments for making a big impact on crop health and growth. Our industry has bought into this approach, and according to recent estimates, in-furrow use is expected to expand further. Treatments like fertilizer, biologicals and fungicides are compatible with in-furrow applications. Seed is a big investment, and in-furrow applications can protect …

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